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Do you want to play in a really distinctive casino? Select the youngest one. There are many reasons to do so, but the main one is that young casinos do all possible to attract new clients. It means, you find there not only the widest selection of the newest and the best games. Everybody has them. Not even the bonuses are the most attractive thing, any casino has them, as well. The best thing about it is the combination of all the best things. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

In this regard, Kaboo casino complies with all the requirements to the old casinos and offers all the advantages of a new casino, one of the youngest casinos, actually. Here we go, with the review of one of the youngest online casinos that has already got some reputation online.

Kaboo Casino: Licensing and Regulation Matters

The main and the first thing to check are the licenses and whether the casino is allowed to offer its services at all. So, here everything ok with the Kaboo Casino. It holds not one, but two licenses, and both of them are issued by the most famous and reliable regulatory bodies. Yes, you are right, Casino Kaboo has a license of the Malta Gaming Authority, and the other one is given by the UK Gambling Commission.

It means plenty of things by the way. For Kaboo.com, it means that:

  • The casino is able to purchase the software from the best and verified software developers. Yes, and you really believe that Microgaming, for example, will sell its slots to any company?
  • The gambling services provider is able to use the best, the most reliable and the safest payment systems. Paypal, for example, has very high requirements to a casino that wants to apply this payment method. And a reliable license is among these super high requirements, of course.

For a gambler it means, that:

  • The casino keeps the money of players and its own money in separate accounts. So, normally, the funds deposited by you are safe.
  • It is very recommended to check if the casino deposits some funds in a special fund aimed to protect gamblers and provide additional safety to their money. If yes, you can get at least a part of your money back even if the casino gets bankrupt or disappears.
  • Finally, if there are any serious issues and the casino isn`t willing at all to solve them, you can complain to the authority that provided the casino with the license. Usually, a gambling license costs a fortune, and moreover, there are additional, including strict financial requirements, so, casinos do their best to not to lose the license they have.

Now, the word “licensing” means a lot to you, doesn’t it?

We have mentioned reliable games while describing the advantages that a license gives. So, Casino Kaboo uses only the best software. “Best” means tested in this context. eCOGRA has tested all the games just to make sure the house cannot influence the game results to its advantage. So, everything depends on luck. It means, if you lose, you lose without the casino participation, as well, if you win, you should be grateful to your luck only for that.

Casino Kaboo is known for taking some innovative approach to the entire procedure, let`s check why gamblers believe so.

Casino Kaboo Games Offering

The casino offers around 700 slots. Yes, we agree that the number is impressive, but still, there are many gambling services providers that offer more games than this. What are the companies that provide this variety?

Here, among the providers, you can find the world famous names, such as Microgaming, Play`n Go, IGT, and less famous younger providers that are either just making the first steps in the universe of online gambling or were concentrated more on land-based casinos until recently.

So, among the less famous but far not worse software providers you find such as ELK, Nyx, Quickspin, Ash Gaming, Blueprint Gaming, and so on. There are just too many of them to list all. But these names already tell a lot about the casino type. It cares of its clients and tries to provide them with the best variety of the best games.

Slots at Kaboo

Kaboo Casino offers more than 700 slots, and, as you could expect from this futuristic rising star casino, all slots are of the highest quality. No, there are not only the newest offers. There are many gamblers that love traditional fruit and vegetable slots, so… well, all kinds of offers are there:

  • Old-fashioned fruit slots, well, in an upgraded version, but the features are the same;
  • 3 reels and 20 paylines slots
  • More modern 5 reel 20 to 100 paylines slots
  • 3D slots
  • Any theme is available, just check around.

So, the most popular slots you can play here are:

Starburst (there is no online casino without Starburst, we believe)

  • Book of Dead
  • Mega Moolah
  • Many other options.

Kaboo Live Offerings

Kaboo.com cannot ignore one of the most popular trends nowadays: live casino. It approximates the gambling experiences to a land-based casino, the difference is only that you don’t even have to look for a real casino to play in. all is transferred online with the application of the newest HTML5 technology. You connect to a live casino studio and play as if you were in a real casino.

So, Kaboo casino offers more than 50 live games options. Now, you understand why this casino is considered to be one of the most innovative online casinos. Of course, those 50 variations are just different options of traditional table games, such as:

  • Poker,
  • Roulette,
  • Blackjack,
  • Baccarat

But here, you can enjoy all of them in all their variations, indeed. And live dealers will help you to get the best experience!

Kaboo Casino on Mobile Devices

If you consider that Kaboo came to the market in 2015, you can guess that it had all the opportunities to use the latest technologies for the provision of its services on mobile devices. And you are absolutely right: the casino provides just any option for any device. Do you prefer apps? Download them for your mobile, they are free and work just in the most perfect way. Do you like playing directly in a browser? Well, there is a no-download version, as well.

Thanks to the application of the most modern technologies, the casino works perfectly on both desktop and the screen of your smartphone or tablet. And the Zoom function allows checking the smallest details.

Games? All of them are available on the mobile version, and there is not a single problem with speed or quality in general. Ok, the internet connection should be fast and stable. But this requirement applies to a desktop version, as well. And you can play in a free mode, too, just to test the games or if you want to have fun but not to invest.

So, one more additional and, let us admit, an amazing option that Kaboo Casino provides to its players, is the opportunity to play anywhere. Now, if you are a Kaboo Casino client, you can just earn a couple of bucks or have lots of fun while you are waiting in a traffic jam (that’s a nice option, isn`t it?), in a queue (just make sure nobody sees it, as they will want to gamble too, right at the moment!) or whenever you have some free minutes but don’t have a computer by hand. And if you are the one who travels constantly, doesn’t matter on business trips or you just like it, then, a mobile version is irreplaceable. Login to your trading account and play as much as you want!

Ways to Deposit Money and to Withdraw the Winnings

Kaboo wants as many gamblers play there as it is possible. That’s why the casino does its best to offer all the possible options to deposit funds and to withdraw the winnings. Here, you can send your cash to your casino account via:

  • Visa and Mastercard – these are probably one of the oldest but definitely one of the most reliable ways to send money anywhere, including an online casino. The only disadvantage is that you have to provide some relevant financial information. The casino will request your card number, the expiration date and the CVC code. The deposit will be rather fast, as well as the withdrawal.
  • Bank transfer – one better old deposit and withdrawal method. The advantage is its safety and the options for a cashback (we hope you will not have to deal with it in the case with Kaboo, but as some general info it will be useful). The main disadvantages are the time needed for withdrawals. In some cases, this time might reach to some days. It depends not on the casino, by the way, but on the bank. Sometimes, financial establishments are too slow with it.
  • Neteller – one of those e-wallets that serve just for anything, including online casinos deposits and withdrawals. On www.kaboo.com, it is available, as well. But be careful though: in some cases, you might stay without some bonuses if you use this deposit method. So, make sure you read all conditions very attentively.
  • Skrill – one more e-wallet available internationally. So, you can fund your casino account wherever you are. But again, like in the Neteller case, some bonuses might be not available with Skrill, so, read everything carefully, or, better, ask the customer support.
  • Paysafe – a prepaid solution. In other words, to make a casino deposit, you need to buy a card with funds. After that, you can fund your online casino account. So, you will not make a bigger deposit than you can afford: you will be able to think twice while buying the Paysafe card and while sending money to your casino account. Second, it is very safe. No additional sensitive information is provided, just a unique code with which the card comes.
  • Trustly – an intermediator for payments between your bank account and a casino. When you choose this way to pay, you are directed from Trustly to the bank account, and there, you perform all the necessary operations.

Other options, as euTeller, Sofort, iDeal and so on are not so popular or accepted in very limited regions. Hence, we will not go into the details, but they are reliable and safe, as any other payment methods accepted by Kaboo.

If you like traditional methods, a bank account or bank cards can be the best options. But if you are more concerned on safety issues, we would recommend you the services that will not request from you any additional financial data. Trustly, prepaid cards are the best options for that.

Kaboo Bonuses and Special Offers

On www.kaboo.com, you will find a bunch of absolutely various bonuses. It is a new casino, haven’t you forgotten about it? So, bonuses are something that you should expect there.

Welcome Bonus from Kaboo Casino

You might expect something extraordinary from a new casino when you are just registering your account there? Thousands of pounds for free? Come on, that would be too much, and the casino has to make some profit, as well.

So, Welcome bonus is:

  • 100% from the first depo, limited to just 50 Pounds;
  • 100% from the second depo, limited again just to 50 Pounds.

It looks rather disappointing, doesn’t it? Even though you don’t need any bonus code to get your 50 Pounds, it is not the offer you have expected, is it? Well, one more pleasant feature is a special relic that the casino generously offers. It is something that you cannot just encounter in a game, and a relic can bring you free spins, cash. Even a jackpot prize. Maybe that’s why the casino is so greedy with the money as a welcome bonus. However, from the other side, the relic has its expiration time, which is 72 hours. And there are wagering requirements for both the money and the relic.

But ok, let us hope that it is just the start, and the casino wants to make sure you will turn into a constant ambler before it offers you millions.

Free Spins Offer from Kaboo

On www.kaboo.com, you don’t find any free spins offers. There are free games, but not free spins. Instead, you will be encountering relics from time to time. This is not something particular. A relic can bring you free spins, cash, jackpot prize and so on. You don’t need a bonus code to get a relic, just play and perform the missions in your favorite games.

Promo Codes at Kaboo

There are no promo codes at Kaboo at the moment. But instead, you can get many other juicy offers, don’t forget even about that unique relic. And who knows, maybe once the casino will make a promo code available, and you will get to know about it immediately.

No Deposit Bonus Is Not Available

Neither Kaboo is offering any kind of no-deposit bonus. Well, you can consider the relic as a no-deposit bonus, at least, in other casinos it would be free spins.

Customer Support

If you play with your money, it is very important, we better say, it is crucial to have somebody from the casino team around. The casino can be the best among the competitors, but problems happen. And you should be able to handle it immediately, with the help of customer support.

Kaboo casino understands this need and tries to comply with all the possible requirements to customer support services.

Live chat is available during working hours, from 10:00 in the morning till midnight, CET. Please consider the time zone if you are located in a different country.  You can talk with a casino representative in English, Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. But we believe, that English would be enough. The live chat service is available without days off.

Customer support via mail is available 24/7. However, don’t expect that it means that you will get a reply immediately. Rather no. All depends on the complexity of your issue. But this way is perfect if you need to provide a super long description of your situation or if you need to attach some documents. And by the way, it is a perfect way to get in touch with a casino representative if you believe, you would need to keep the mailing history, just in case.

You can call on the phone number provided on their website anytime, day and night. There is always somebody to help you, even on Sunday or Saturday, or even if there is a big holiday.

Safety Online

If you play free games, you would, probably, not too much preoccupied with safety issues. But if you use the casino account to play for real money, you might be interested in the things that your casino applies to provide the needed safety level online.

Especially concerned you must be when you pay with your card and have to provide information that is needed to verify a purchase online: your card number, CVC code, expiry date. If somebody steals it, they will be able to make purchases online with your money. Don’t worry though. Kaboo uses the best SSL certificate 2021 to provide you with the highest safety level whenever you provide your financial information online.

As soon as you go to a particular page, and the payment page is one of them, the encryption software starts its work. All your data online are encrypted. Then, they are transferred to the needed target in the encrypted form. Only there, they are again transformed in their initial form. And the deposit/withdrawal is made. It means, that even if somebody steals your data while they are transferred, he/she will not be able to do anything with it, because he/se will get just random numbers.

The casino is licensed by acknowledged in the whole world regulators: one from Malta and one from the UK. It means, that safety requirements of both of them are met. And these regulators are among the strictest in the world.

Hence, the casino is safe and provides all its gamblers with a fair experience.

Kaboo Pros and Cons in Short

So, to sum up our review and to provide you with brief information about Kaboo Casino, let us mention its main advantages and disadvantages. As we have cleared out, the casino has both:

The most important advantages of Kaboo are:

  • Futuristic original website design that makes the casino attractive to gamblers who are looking for unusual new experiences.
  • A huge choice of slots from more and less famous providers.
  • Excellent optimization for mobile gambling. The casino is available as an app or as a flash-version for all mobile devices and all OS.
  • A good number of the safest payment options.
  • Customer support is super friendly and professional, available in a live chat, via mail and phone.
  • The latest technologies are applied to provide the highest level of safety online.
  • Licenses from the best regulators in the world.
  • eCOGRA certification for all slots, it ensures that all of them provide you with fair gambling experience only.
  • Live casino is amazing, with a huge range of table games.

Are there disadvantages? Of course, there are, like in any online casino.

The most significant of them are:

  • A rather poor bonus offer.
  • No promo code or no-deposit bonuses. Though it might be just a temporary disadvantage.
  • Rather high wagering requirements (40x) apply for those few bonuses that are available.
  • Live Chat is not available day and night.

Our Verdict

Kaboo casino is definitely a casino to try. Its games variety, including slots with progressive jackpots, amazes. The winning opportunities are very high, even though you cannot consider it as a casino for gamblers who love bonuses. If you love something unusual + many options to earn good money, this casino is yours. Open your account there, try the games for free first. Start earning in fun-mode. Of course that will not be real money, but when you start earning constantly, it means, you can switch to the real-money mode. And finally, become a millionaire with Kaboo.

Review written by Mason Redman